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GhostMiner - Product Overview

GhostMiner is unique data mining software from Fujitsu that not only supports common databases (or spreadsheets) and mature machine learning algorithms, but also assists with data preparation and selection, model validation, multimodels like commitees or k-classifiers, and visualization.

All of this and more is available in one package - a large range of data preparation techniques, a broad scope of selection of features methods and a choice of data mining algorithms and visualization techniques are integrated. This means that only one data format (project) is needed, and so trying out and comparing different approaches becomes extremely easy. The package also comes with an intuitive interface, which should make it easier to use even for non-technical user.

GhostMiner's data-extraction features make it easier to take better informed business decisions in the right place and at the right time - to ensure competitive advantage.

GhostMiner is adept at addressing these areas:

  • Customer segmentation for database marketing

  • Customer profiling for individual relationship management

  • Increase in response rates from mailing campaigns

  • Identification of defectors among customers

  • Understanding causes of customer attrition

  • Identification of cross-selling opportunities

  • Credit scoring analysis

  • Prediction of fraudulent behavior or transactions

  • Selection of best potential candidates for employment opportunities

GhostMiner's primary target audience includes:

  • The banking industry

  • Telecommunication operators

  • E-commerce businesses

  • Distribution companies

  • Resource management services

The package can also be employed in a number of other areas:

  • Bioinformatics - genetics, proteomics, QSAR

  • Medicine - clinical and laboratory diagnostic systems, pharmacology, bioactivity of drugs, analysis of signals and images (with additional filters for image/signal processing)

  • Psychology and psychiatry - analytical support of psychometric tests and other questionnaire-based tests

  • Technical applications - engine diagnostics, analysis of technological processes

  • Education

  • Everywhere and anywhere there are large databases to be analyzed