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GhostMiner - System Requirements

GhostMiner is a desktop application which runs under the following operating systems:

  • Windows 2000/Windows XP

Minimum requirements:

Any Pentium or higher PC processor, 50 MB RAM, 65 MB disk space. The size of RAM needed is directly proportional to the size of the database. There is no explicit limit for the number of features or the number of cases in the database. The software is multi-threaded, thus multiple models can run in parallel even on a single processor.

Data access:

GhostMiner reads and supports the following formats of data:

  • ASCII text files (including CSV files),

  • Excel spreadsheets,

  • any database conforming to ODBC standard including MS Access, MS SQL Server and Oracle,

  • any database conforming to OLE DB standard including MS SQL Server, Informix, Oracle and many more.