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Interstage XWand - Product Overview - XBRL -XBRL and Fujitsu

Fujitsu has made a strategic commitment to the XBRL standard and has been actively involved in the creation of the standard as well as in promoting its adoption on a global scale. Fujitsu has actively led XBRL-related consortium initiatives across the globe. Members of the Fujitsu XBRL team have chaired specification working groups, been At-large members, and have participated in the Best Practice Board. Fujitsu XBRL experts have contributed to the latest developments to the specification including FRTA, FRIS, LRR, XBRL Dimensions, Formula, XBRL Versioning, XBRL Rendering, and conformance suites.

For more information about Interstage XWand please refer to Fujitsu's website.