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Ready2Sell is an easy to use yet powerful CRM software designed for business users. It offers professional analytical tools without requiring a deep technical nor statistical knowledge.

The challenge facing today's sales-support software is to maximize relationships with customers over their lifetime - Ready2Sell helps to realize this goal by providing the system user with the customer- and campaign- driven perspectives.

There is no doubt that CRM has emerged as a mission-critical business strategy that many view as essential to a company's survival. However, simple operational CRM even though sufficient for handling the day-to-day operations, cannot provide the competitive advantage that managers seek. In order to create a profitable customer relationship, customer data needs to be integrated into the CRM strategy. Ready2Sell leverages provided data coming from the interaction with a customer through analysis and data mining, and allows their direct incorporation into the operational realms.

Building one's own CRM solution basing on the components from different vendors, employing consultants and the IT stuff for linking the pieces together is bound to take long time and require more resources at higher cost. Ready2Sell is a complete and ready-to-go solution which may either be linked to other systems or work entirely independently giving you the flexibility for shaping the CRM process.