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Ready2Sell - Main Functions

Ready2Sell consists of three parts: Data Manager, Analysis Center and Campaign Manager.

Data Manager

Data Manager supplies the user with the tools for data management and validation.

As far as providing data to the system is concerned, Ready2Sell supports text files in pre-defined format, database integration and manual data input via web forms. Such flexibility allows to customize the CRM process to the company's needs.

The quality of data is crucial for successful CRM; therefore, in case of Ready2Sell all the operational information has to undergo acceptance process before being introduced into the system.

Analysis Center

Ready2Sell provides the user with a high level of insight for better understanding customers' behavior, enabling effective segmentation and targeting of customers and prospects based on clean and accurate data.

Analysis Center plays a key role in providing the essential building blocks for successful campaigns. These include:

  • Segments which divide the customer population according to shared features. Ready2Sell supplies the user with three kinds of segmentation methods - starting from the manual one to fully automated solution.

  • Association rules - result of market basket analysis - constitute a key element for successful up- and cross-selling opportunities discovery. One may take a full advantage of the benefits of market basket analysis while constructing a loyalty campaign.

  • Response models - help to determine prospects that are likely to respond and those that are not; response rate, calculated for each customer , is a valuable indicator for possibly best campaign design and execution.

Campaign Manager

The third module Marketing Campaign Projects, carrying out and supervising Marketing Campaigns. Apart from that, within its competencies lies the analysis of the Campaigns which have ended.

Campaign Manager's competences include:

  • Campaign project creation - Various kinds of sales actions are supported, including cross-selling, loyalty and custom ones. Projects may be optimized according to target group, response or profitability criteria for increased revenue and greater operational efficiencies. Project's fine-tuning leads to ultimate sales campaign execution.

  • Sales campaign monitoring - Integrated view on several KPIs related to on-going campaigns; ability to act interactively during campaign run.

  • Finished campaigns analysis and knowledge extraction - Detailed information related to the positive and negative campaign responses can be easily used to better target the customers and improve future campaigns ROI.