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Ready2Sell - Product Overview

The Ready2Sell system (R2S) is a modern solution intended for marketing and sales departments of various institutions selling products to retail customers. It can be used by financial institutions, such as banks and insurance companies, as well as telecommunication and direct marketing companies.

Ready2Sell, as a decision support system, allows performing the following tasks:

  • segmenting clients according to their value for the company (clustering),

  • conducting successful marketing campaigns (database marketing),

  • matching the right product or group of products to the right customer (cross-selling).


It is possible to perform all these tasks thanks to applying modern computational intelligence methods, such as:

  • decision trees,
  • clustering,
  • association analysis.


The common interface enables the performance of the above tasks within one application, and using terminology typical for marketing rather than the use of complicated technical terms makes the product user-friendly even for a user with no experience of advanced data mining suites.


Since the system is available through the Internet browser it can be accessed from any place within a company. At the same time the use of multi-level and multi-access structures enables effective task distribution between members of the marketing department and assures all necessary security conditions connected with the access to company data.