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Score!T - Main Functions

Score!T is organized into three complementary units: Analysis Center, Data Manager, and Data Administrator .This system of organization allows for effective job-sharing:

Analysis Center

This is the part of the system where the analysis is carried out and the models are created and managed. Its functionality also includes:

  • calculating the Basel Parameters,
  • creating scoring cards,
  • testing data-mining models.

Models constitute the core of the Score!T system. The user has the following models to choose from:

  • predictive modeling (data-mining model),
  • the scoring card method,
  • committees of models (combination of the above methods).

Data Manager

The unit responsible for providing input data to the system; in particular for creating new credit applications and accessing selected historical granted credits. By allowing the editing of the supplied information this module also enables the user to make corrections to the entered data.

The data acquisition process can be automated, upon the customer's request.

Data Administrator

Its task is to assure the end user is in possession of correct and complete information which enables him/her to execute the analysis.

This unit enables:

  • the supervision and administration of the data,
  • the creation of a new type of credit application,
  • the definition of new attributes which characterize a credit application.

Data Administrator is also responsible for providing information concerning credits (products) to the system unless it is supplied automatically.