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Workshop - "Computer Aided Chemistry"

The Centre for Communication and Information (KIZ) and COE for computational Chemistry of Ulm University, the division of Organic Chemistry I of the University of Ulm and Fujitsu cordially invite for a one-day workshop on Chemistry, Life Science, QSAR and Materials Science software:

  • CAChe
  • Materials Explorer
  • ModelBuilder

The workshop will take place Tuesday, March 21, 2006 at the University of Ulm, Ulm, Germany. The participation is free of charge, however due to the limited number of seats available, advanced registration is required. To register for the workshop, please send a confirmation e-mail to: seminars@fqs.pl or ccs@fqs.pl or use the registration form.

CAChe is a leading computer-aided chemistry modelling package designed for experimental chemists conducting research in life science, materials and chemical, as well as for undergraduate and graduate educators. CAChe lets every chemist visualize molecules in 3D, search for conformations, analyze chemical reactivity and predict properties of compounds with an easy-to-use, award-winning interface on desktop computers.

Materials Explorer is a multi-purpose molecular dynamics software package for Windows-based computers. Intuitive graphical interface makes it simple to build assemblies of molecules, to set up the calculations, and to interpret the results. Materials Explorer can be applied to systems including metals and inorganics, such as ceramics and semi-conductors. It is also well suited for organics and biomolecules. Materials Explorer has a Potential Library that includes potential functions and parameters for a wide range of atom-atom interactions.

ADMEWORKS ModelBuilder is a tool for building mathematical models that can later be used for predicting various chemical and biological properties of compounds.