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ADF Modeling Suite

The Amsterdam Density Functional (ADF) software package is used by both industrial and academic researchers worldwide in computational quantum chemistry. It is based on Density Functional Theory, the most popular method for electronic structure calculations. ADF can be applied to molecules in the gas phase, and in a solvent or a protein. The related program BAND treats periodic systems, such as (molecules on) surfaces, polymers, and solids. ADF is particularly popular for studying complicated research questions in catalysis, spectroscopy, (bio)inorganic chemistry, heavy element chemistry, surface science, nanoscience and materials science in general.

Application areas with unique modeling capabilities:

ADF has been developed by Software for Chemistry & Materials (SCM) in Amsterdam since the early seventies of the previous century, with significant contributions from academic collaborators elsewhere. SCM is a company split off from the Baerends group in Amsterdam since 1995. The other main ADF development center has always been the Ziegler group in Calgary. Many other academic groups have joined as well.

To find more information about ADF Modeling Suite please visit SCM web page.


An ADF/BAND interface is also available in the Fujitsu leading computational chemistry software platform SCIGRESS. The SCIGRESS allows all users to benefit from the capabilities of both programs though a novel and user-friendly graphical interface. SCIGRESS except easy and comfortable access to Amsterdam Density Functional software offers also other computational methods and compute engines.