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CambridgeSoft Software - Chem Software - ChemDraw/Excel Pro

ChemDraw for Excel displays and performs calculations on up to 1,400 chemical structures at a time in Excel. ChemDraw/Excel enables users to use Excel, a familiar data organization tool, to organize and analyze their chemical data. For those looking for compounds or classes of compounds, Filter Tables enable searches for structures and substructures. Similarity Searches search for chemical analogs. The “Convert SMILES to Molecule” and “Convert Name to Molecule” features greatly simplify the entry of chemical compounds.

This product is ChemDraw Std plus the ChemDraw for Excel feature.

  • ChemDraw ActiveX/Plugin Pro
    Query online databases and view & publish online structures. This installer will automatically install the necessary Plugin or ActiveX controls based on your web browser. It includes save and print capabilities.