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CambridgeSoft Software - Chem Software - ChemFinder

ChemFinder is a chemically intelligent database manager and search engine. ChemFinder for Excel creates searchable spreadsheets. ChemFinder for Word searches documents, spreadsheets, databases and files for chemical structures and references. ChemFinder includes CombiChem for combinatorial library generation in chemical spreadsheets. ChemFinder connects to Oracle and MS Access data and imports/exports MDL RD and SD files.

ChemFinder is not sold as a stand-alone product, but the latest version is included in the following products.

  • ChemBioOffice Ultra
  • ChemOffice Ultra
  • ChemOffice Pro
  • ChemOffice Std
  • ChemBioDraw Ultra
  • ChemDraw Ultra
  • ChemBio3D Ultra
  • ChemBioViz Ultra
  • ChemBioViz Pro
  • E-Notebook Ultra
  • BioAssay Ultra