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CambridgeSoft Software - Chem&Bio Software

ChemBioDraw provides an integrated state-of-the-art drawing tool for both chemical reactions and biological pathways. ChemBio3D allows users to render a wide variety of depictions (ie. cartoons) of proteins and nucleic acids making it possible to carry out state-of-the-art protein visualization on the desktop. Both Chemists and Biologists find the ability to electronically record their daily experiments and results extremely valuable. CambridgeSoft's E-Notebook tracks and records chemical structures, reactions and biological pathway drawings, stoichiometry grids, Microsoft documents and spectral data. CambridgeSoft's BioVis provides a desktop solution for Chem & BioInformatics. It allows users to graphically identify trends and correlate biological activity with chemical structures. It also provides statistical analysis and a wide variety of flexible options for plotting.