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CambridgeSoft Software - Chem&Bio Software - E-Notebook Ultra

E-Notebook Ultra provides an easy-to-use interface designed to replace a paper laboratory notebook. It is the efficient, accurate way to write lab notebooks entries as you work. The lab journal maintains detailed records with BioDraw and ChemDraw structures and reaction drawings, Reaction and Stoichiometry information, Microsoft documents, spectra, images and a variety of other ancillary data. E-Notebook also offers searching capabilities by structure (full or sub-structure), keyword, dates and other types of data. E-notebook now includes the ability to represent a compound in a salt or hydrated form in the stoichiometry grid and the ability to select from a pre-defined list of solvents when adding solvents to your reaction. The new version allows for a complete audit trail, retaining a complete time stamped copy of the experiment corresponding to each save. The AutoText feature allows users to configure and add prewritten protocols to their experiment text. You can further increase your efficiency by creating reusable notebook page templates based on your workflow and data needs. The new, enhanced navigation bar allows for flexible navigation between collections, and the ability to change the status of a notebook page or perform key operations on the selected page from a single tool bar. With E-Notebook One can organize pages by project, experiment, or in your own style using a local Microsoft SQL Server Express 2005 database that resides on your computer.

E-Notebook is configured exactly like a chemist would like his or her own notebook to be. Reactions can be easily drawn into the reaction template by either selecting from the generous list of preloaded reagents or by entering or drawing one's own chemicals. Commonly used reagents can be stored in a separate folder for easy access. Another fantastic feature is the procedural section. This section contains prewritten procedural sentences with the ability to easily drop in the specific names of reagent chemicals present in the reaction. One can also easily add other data to the notebook page such as spectra and Word or Excel documents.

The E-Notebook Ultra suite includes E-Notebook Ultra, ChemDraw Std, Chem3D Std, ChemFinder Std, ChemDraw and Chem3D ActiveX Pro Plugins as well as the ChemINDEX databases.