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CambridgeSoft Software - Databases - Ashgate Drugs

Ashgate's Drugs: Synonyms and Properties covers over 8,000 drug substances currently in common use worldwide. Edited by world-renowned authority in drug design and chemical information G.W.A. Milne, this volume fills an important gap in drug information. This electronic edition adds almost 70,000 synonyms and trade names that did not fit into the printed volume.

Ashgate Drugs CD-ROM Edition is an electronic version of the popular book, Drugs: Synonyms and Properties, published by Ashgate, and includes ChemOffice Net software. Use ChemFinder to search and browse close to 8,000 drugs complete with information regarding chemical name, molecular formula, molecular weight, structure, synonyms including tradenames, medical application, manufacturer, CAS Registry Number, and, as available, physical properties, regulatory information, The Merck Index monograph number and more. All fields are fully searchable. View structures and stereochemistry with the free ChemDraw Plugin Net. This is a complete run-time package, requiring no other applications.