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CambridgeSoft Software - Databases - ChemINDEX

The ability to quickly look up data such as chemical properties, biological assay results and toxicological information is no longer a luxury item, but instead a requirement. Scientists have used the award-winning ChemFinder.Com database since 1995. Now, the data on ChemFinder.Com is integrated into ChemOffice as ChemINDEX. ChemINDEX contains data on over 75,000 compounds including structures, names and synonyms, physical properties, and Internet links.

ChemINDEX is a directory of over 75,000 unique chemical substances, listing chemical structure, 3D structure, registry numbers, synonyms, physical properties, and links to Internet sources of further information. ChemINDEX also provides additional access to the NCI database with integrated AIDS and Human Tumor Cell Line screening results. The internet edition also has links to ChemACX and The Merck Index.

This product is a DVD Edition. It will be shipped to you on a disk, along with printed copies of the manual(s). Starting from the purchase date, this product includes telephone support and updates for 30 days, and email support for one year.