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CambridgeSoft Software - Databases - ChemACX

For synthetic and medicinal chemists in the pharmaceutical, chemical and biotech industries and academia who need to find commercially available starting materials, reagents and intermediates, ChemACX is a database of available chemicals that provides a unified, up-to-date, structure-searchable source of chemicals from over 500 suppliers worldwide. Unlike other chemical supplier databases, ChemACX is reasonably priced and can be directly accessed from the widely deployed CambridgeSoft E-Notebook, ChemBioDraw and ChemBioFinder.com.

Including current product information from 500 leading chemical supplier catalogs such as Sigma Aldrich, Fisher, Acros, Alfa Aesar, Lancaster, Novabiochem (EMD Biosciences, Inc.), and TCI America, ChemACX is updated bi-anually providing rapid ordering information for:

  • 500,000 unique chemical substances.
  • 1,500,000 products.