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CambridgeSoft Software - Databases - ChemMSDX

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are documents designed to provide both workers and emergency response personnel with information and proper procedures for handling or working with a particular chemical substance. MSDSs include information on the chemical's identity; physical and chemical characteristics; physical and health hazards; toxicity; primary routes of entry; exposure limits; whether the chemical is a carcinogen; precautions for safe handling and use; spill or leak control measures; emergency and first aid procedures; storage, disposal, and transportation, and more all in a standardized format. ChemMSDX is a database of material safety data sheets for thousands of products listed in CambridgeSoft's available chemicals database, ChemACX. The MSDSs are stored in the convenient Adobe Acrobat portable document format (PDF), and can be linked to corresponding entries in our ChemACX Database. ChemMSDX Database can be also be linked with the CambridgeSoft Inventory Manager, an enterprise wide chemical inventory management system designed to manage the reagent tracking needs of chemical and pharmaceutical research centers.