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CambridgeSoft Software - Databases - Pharmaceutical Excipients

Pharmaceutical Excipients is an essential resource for formulators in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as those interested in the formulation or production of confectionery, cosmetics, and food products. It provides scientists with a guide to the uses, safety, chemical and physical properties of pharmaceutical excipients.

Pharmaceutical Excipients is an online version of the Handbook of Pharmaceutical excipients, jointly published by the American Pharmacists Association and the Pharmaceutical Press, publications department of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.

The current edition provides 340 excipient monographs. Pharmaceutical Excipients is updated yearly with new excipients and updated monographs, and contains information on the uses, and chemical and physical properties of excipients systematically collated from a variety of international sources including: pharmacopeias, patents, primary and secondary literature, websites, and manufacturers’ data.