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Model and input parameters

Simulation Model:

  • Skin permeation model (2-layer or 1-layer).

  • Drug-dissolved matrix system/skin permeation model.

  • Drug-dispersed matrix system/skin permeation model.

  • Vehicle compartment/skin permeation model.

Input Parameters:

  • System application period, applied area.

  • Release characteristics from formulation.

  • Skin structure (thickness of each layer).

  • Diffusion and partition coefficients in skin.

  • Body pharmacokinetic parameters (1-, 2- or 3-compartment model).

Optional Input Parameters:

  • Skin binding parameters (Langmuir type or Freundlich type).

  • Skin metabolism parameters (Michaelis-Menten type or first-order kinetics).

  • Conditions of iontophoretic application (electrorepulsion: Nernst-Planck equation and/or electroosmosis).

  • Pharmacodynamic parameters (direct response, effect compartment or indirect response model).

SKIN-CAD simulations

SKIN-CAD can predict clinical performance using model parameters obtained from in vitro release or skin permeation studies. SKIN-CAD simulation will provide useful data to design transdermal and topical drug delivery systems.

Drug distribution in matrix/skin

Output Data:

  • Cumulative amount permeated.

  • Blood concentration.

  • Drug distribution in matrix/skin.

  • Pharmacologic effect.

Blood concentration (multiple administration)