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Our consulting is available to assist with short-term needs as well as longer-term projects. We work together with our customers to design and implement a complete solution. FQS Poland supports the individual customer and the enterprise, with a portfolio that ranges from direct one-to-one support for users of our applications through to the installation and customization of enterprise systems. We integrate our tools with customer's own applications and software from third parties.

Research and development areas include:

  • Advice and scientific support by research scientists

  • R&D study for all processes related to computational chemistry

  • Modeling and optimizing molecules and reactions

  • Constructing ADME-T Predictive models

  • Collecting biochemical and chemical data

  • Data modeling and statistics for clinical studies

  • Optimizing biochemical pathways

  • Gene microarray data management systems

  • Gene data retrieval and analysis systems

  • Progressive integration with other programs

  • Programming support for rapid, reliable problem resolution

If you need any further information or assistance regarding our Services please contact us at services@fqs.pl or use the contact form. We will be glad to provide you with all the information you require.