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ADME DB - Database Structure

ADMEDB contains information on CYP and other Phase I and Phase II enzymes and a number of variants, which significantly contribute/are tested in the metabolism of xenobiotics (drugs and other chemicals) and endobiotics in humans in vitro and in vivo.

ADMEBD contains three sub-databases:

Detailed information for each entry includes the following data items:

  • Protein information about either enzyme/transporter.
  • Metabolic reaction.
  • Interaction type (substrate, inhibitor, inducer, activator).
  • Drug/Metabolite structure.
  • References linked to PUBMED.
  • Kinetic information: Km (µM), Vmax (1/min), Ki (µM), Ks (µM), Efficiency (ml/min/nmol), Kinactivation (1/min), Cooperativity, IC50 (µM)), EC50 (µM), τhalf (min) and in vitro assay model used to determine the kinetic parameters.