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CambridgeSoft Software - Bio Software - BioAssay Ultra

BioAssay Ultra provides the desktop data storage and visualization for both high and low throughput screening biologists. BioAssay Ultra supports the quick set-up of biological models, and a flexible data table structure allows users to define the observables and calculations to model any experiment. Once calculations are defined, they are performed on any imported data automatically. The data can then be fit to a curve defined by the user, who is able to validate or invalidate data after import, so that only valid data is used when performing calculations and curve fits. BioAssay Ultra supports both plate based and non-plate based assays. Data can be exported to Microsoft Excel, and users can use ChemBioViz to create graphical representations of ChemFinder databases, allowing chemical and biological data to be linked, searched over and visualized in new and exciting ways.

BioDraw Pro provides a drawing tool for biological pathways. It includes common pathway elements (membranes, DNA, enzymes, receptors, etc.) which are built in as well as the ability to import other elements. One of the advantages of BioDraw over alternative pathways drawing tools is the integrated power of ChemDraw's chemical intelligence. BioDraw also includes a pallet of flexible arrow tools. You can now completely customize arrows and arrowheads for use in complex biological pathways drawings. BioDraw pathways can be easily imported for use in presentations and publications.

ChemBioViz Pro allows users to graphically identify trends and correlate biological activity with chemical structures. ChemBioViz supports statistical analysis and a wide variety of flexible options for plotting. ChemBioViz transforms database information into easy to understand graphics, allowing users to discern structure-activity relationships more easily. With ChemBioViz, it is also easy to retrieve or search for a set of compounds, choose the data you wish to see-whether it is biological test results in Oracle tables or physical property values calculated automatically in ChemFinder Std and ChemBioViz will generate an interactive window showing a scatterplot, histogram, and other useful data graphic.