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CambridgeSoft Software - Chem&Bio Software - Inventory Ultra

Inventory Ultra is an application designed to manage the chemical and reagent tracking needs of laboratories and research centers. The system manages data associated with both commercially procured and internally produced chemical substances from their procurement or initial production through their depletion and disposal. Inventory Ultra allows users to manage their chemical and non-chemical inventory data. Inventory is a complete desktop tool which provides an electronic representation of your site's physical inventory and a desktop tool for sourcing and purchasing. Users can easily create, edit, move and delete containers, and the cascading location model allows support of locations as general or specific as is desired. Users can search over their physical inventory by chemical structure, text fields, dates or numerical fields. Users can also generate and print bar codes for each container. The corresponding reporting tool allows users to create custom layouts for inventory reports.

This ultimate desktop application provides a complete tool for research chemical sourcing and purchasing. One can use the Inventory interface to search for compounds, their suppliers and Material Safety Data Sheets at ChemACX.com (one year subscription included). ChemACX boasts an impressive list of major suppliers, from Alfa Aesar and Aldrich, to TCI and Zeneca with hundreds in between. Inventory Ultra includes allows for the reconciliation of location contents to ensure that database entries match the physical contents of the location. Inventory Ultra includes a stand-alone utility to help import Inventory data stored in Excel worksheets into the Inventory database. Inventory Ultra also offers support for Audit Trails, Bar-coding, Duplicate checking, and Role based security.