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CambridgeSoft Software - Databases - ChemSynth

ChemSynth is a ChemFinder CD-ROM database of sample reactions comprising essential information on 180,000 reactions. The ChemFinder application is required to view this database and it must be purchased seperately. (ChemFinder is sold alone, and also as a part of ChemOffice, ChemDraw Ultra and E-Notebook Ultra.)

These reactions are from a parent InfoChem database and have been selected because they have greater than 50% yeild and have been sited in leading journals 2-5 times. The reactions are in ChemFinder format.

ChemSynth is designed for the expert synthetic chemists seeking new and more efficient ways to effect specific transformations.

  • 180,000 Reactions.
  • Reactions have > 50% Yeild.
  • Reactions have appeared Leading Journals 2-5 times.
  • Structure Searchable.