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CambridgeSoft Software - Databases - Off-Label

For discovery scientists and executives in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries who are looking for novel uses and indications of existing drugs. Off-Label is a database of published off-label uses of known drugs that provides a unique, up-to-date, structure- and text-searchable database which can be used for drug repositioning and finding new therapeutic indications. Unlike other databases of off-target activity, Off-Label reports exclusively on clinical as opposed to laboratory outcomes, so scientists can explore the clinical effects of known and potential molecular entities on druggable targets.

Off-Label is the first-ever on-line facility dedicated to searching information that details over 8000 off-label use of 5000 drugs active against some 500 targets. The term Off-Label is used when a drug is used to treat a condition or manage a symptom that is not included within the Marketing Authorization/label, or when the administration or population to which it is administered differs from that defined.