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LiqCryst - Data

All kinds of thermotropic and lyotropic liquid crystals are included, such as calamitics, discotics, polymers, surfactants and lipids. For all compounds, the database contains phase schemes, transition temperatures, elastic constants spontaneous polarizations as well as references to any included literature on spectroscopic properties and other important information. In total more than 416,000 physical properties are recorded in the database. Chemical structures are represented by two independent notations: by a list of fragments (e.g. rings, bridges and terminal groups) and/or by their atomic connectivity.

The database contains, among others, entries for more than 39,000 compounds with a nematic phase, about 18,000 chiral compounds, and more than 6,000 compounds with a ferroelectric smecticC* phase.

A significant portion of the data has been obtained from journals and books. However, the database also contains information from patent literature, conference abstracts, and from Ph.D. theses. For example, the data for more than 5,000 compounds have been exclusively found in dissertations and have not been published elsewhere.