Fujitsu has just released V13.6 of its flagship XBRL products which offers an unprecedented set of new features dedicated to users of all major XBRL taxonomies including EBA, EIOPA, ESMA, CBRF, DNB etc.

What does this mean for regulators?
Thanks to new enhancements, taxonomy architects from all over the world will be equipped with a unique set of user-friendly tools for table linkbase editing, business rules development (according to Formula 1.0 and XPath syntax) as well as automation of quality assurance processes.
XWand Toolkit is all-in-one development package that allows you to build taxonomies according to good practices of your own choice and e.g. eurofiling (DPM), ITA (IFRS), guidance materials from XII working groups etc.

What does this mean for filers?
Filers will get now a single lightweight standalone desktop application that assures the creation of 100%-compliant XBRL reports for any reporting framework.

Financial institutions subject to XBRL reporting mandate should consider XWand as an enterprise-level alternative to open source applications and cloud solutions which requires sending sensitive data to a third party or works within a single version of taxonomy at a time.

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