Don't miss the opportunity to attend Fujitsu presentation "xBRL-CSV OIM for processing transactional data" during online event “Eurofiling Innovation Day” that will take place on June 24th, 2020.

The presentation, delivered by Eugeniusz Tomaszewski will focus on scenarios of usage xBRL-CSV OIM (Open Information Model) - tools for processing large granular data sets.

Presentation will discuss how the new xBRL-CSV specification and the OIM model fit into the granular data reporting and processing. The main advantages of the CSV over XML representation will be shown with examples and benchmarks. Further, we will discuss some of the challenges which need to be resolved before applying Formula Linkbase assertions to facts organized in the xBRL-CSV or OIM format.

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Don't miss the opportunity to see our innovative tools and discuss with our key-experts about functionality of our flagship XBRL product, and how we can help you to meet all regulatory requirements in terms of processing transactional data by sharing with you our expertise in this area.

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