Privacy policy

This privacy policy describes the rules for collecting, processing and protection of personal data of users of the websites (“FQS Websites” or “Websites”) administrated by FQS POLAND sp. z o.o. having its principal office in Kraków, Poland (hereinafter: “FQS” or “Company”).

General rules
The primary objective of FQS is assuring confidentiality of information provided by the users of FQS Websites and securing the privacy of the users.  In light of this pledge FQS will undertake all necessary means in order to protect the personal data provided through Websites.

In principle, FQS will store and process only the data which was voluntarily provided by the users of Websites users administered by FQS.  Please review this privacy policy carefully in order to have full knowledge about how and why FQS collects, stores and processes the data provided by users.

Data Controller 
The data is controlled by FQS Poland sp. z o.o. (Limited Liability Company) having its principal office in Kraków (30-538) Poland, 11 Parkowa st., entered into the commercial register of National Court Register held by the District Court for Kraków-Śródmieście in Kraków, XI Commercial KRS Division under KRS No.: 0000033524, with share capital of 1,000,000 złoty, NIP No.: 6762043548, Regon No.: 35142184700000.


System logs
Each time a user visits an FQS Website he/she is automatically registered on a server in the system logs.  Data saved this way include: date, time of visit, internet browser used, OS used and IP address.  Data from system logs is used only in order to administer servers and keep track of website visits.

FQS does not download, either automatically nor manually, any geographical coordinates of user devices and neither does it download or process in any other way any data concerning user activity, for example in order to conduct market analysis or profiling.

Data forms
Personal data provided by users filling out the forms on an FQS Website is known only to the user and FQS, and FQS guarantees that the data provided will not be disclosed to anybody, apart from cases in which FQS is under such obligation resulting from a general provisions of law.

Personal data provided by the user in the trial version download registration form or in the contact form is used solely to contact the users in order to provide them with the trial version license keys and/or for marketing purposes, including those forwarded to the Fujitsu group partnerships and FQS partners, in compliance with the info provided in the form and the data use agreement clauses.

Personal data provided by the user on the Career & work ( subpage are collected for recruitment purposes, mainly in relation to job offers announced by FQS or by an initiative of the FQS Website users.

Cookie files and similar technologies
FQS Websites use cookies, that is information saved by the server on the user's receiving device, which can be read by servers each time this receiving device connects to them.  FQS can also use similar technologies, which work similarly or identically as cookies.  Under this Privacy Policy information regarding cookies also applies to other similar technologies used by FQS Websites.  Cookies typically contain the internet service domain's name, the amount of time they have been stored on the receiving device and a randomly generated 18-digit, unique identifier attributed to the internet browsers installed on the user's specific devices. Cookie files can be installed on the users' receiving device and then used by the Google Analytics tools to monitor traffic and activity in the Website. 

Cookies are used for the proper functioning of FQS Website, including:
  • creating statistics for specific content's ratings,
  • personalising provided services,
  • maintaining user’s session.

FQS Website uses the following types of cookie files:
  • "instrumental" cookie files, which allow usage of the services available within the website, e.g. allowing session usage;
  • "functional" cookie files, which allow "memorising" certain settings selected by the user and personalising user interface, e.g. in matters of selecting the mobile/regular version, the latest phrases input by the user, the website's appearance, the bookmarks mechanism's condition etc.;
  • "analytic" cookie files, which allow for the website users activity statistics.

Cookie files are not used to process nor store any personal data, cannot be used to directly identify a user and do not apply any changes to the browser or receiving device's settings.

User can determine the conditions in which the cookies are used and disable them at any time using the internet browser's settings.  Please be aware this may cause problems in display of Website and possibly slow down the browser.  In some cases it is possible to configure the browser so that the user is requested to accept cookies at each visit.

In order to manage cookies easily you need to select a browser from the list below and follow the instructions: For mobile devices:
If no change in cookie settings is done it will mean they will be installed in the user's receiving device, hence FQS will be storing information in the user's receiving device and accessing them.

User may agree to receive a Newsletter.  In order to do so he/she should provide data in the Newsletter box or fill in a relevant form located on Website, in order to provide, among other, following information:
  • e-mail address,
  • full name,
  • company name, 
  • work position,
  • address and zip code.

User may, at any time, withdraw his/her consent to receive the Newsletter by e-mailing "I withdraw my consent" to [email protected] with a re. note: "Newsletter". 

User rights
The user has a right to review his/her data stored by FQS and, if such a necessity appears – has a right to modify and/or amend incorrect or incomplete personal data.  Furthermore, the user can request FQS to delete his/her personal data from the database at all times.  In order to do so the user should send a request to modify or delete their personal data to [email protected].

Disclosure Required by Law
In some specific, restricted circumstances FQS may share or forward personal data to third parties not associated to FQS.  Specifically FQS may forward personal data to a third party:
on request of the user;
in order to comply with law requirements or a court order;
in order to verify a possibility of committing a crime of identity theft;
in relation to sale, purchase, merger, reorganization, liquidation or dissolution of FQS; or
due to other similar circumstances.

Data protection
FQS implements relevant measures in order to protect the confidentiality of personal data and preserve their integrity.  In order to protect the data during transmission FQS uses encrypted connections.  FQS does not take responsibility for data sent by third parties and for data sent using non-encrypted connections.

Hyperlinks to WWW websites of other companies/organizations
The FQS websites may contain links to WWW websites of other companies or organizations. FQS is not responsible for procedures and mechanisms used by those companies/organizations with respect to their privacy policies and content of those WWW websites.